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Coporate Law
Each business with its individual characteristics should be incorporated as a highly specified type of corporation or company. Isabella Mayzel will help you chose the right type of incorporation and will promptly register your business in the USA. American law allows to open American corporations even for business people who are not residents of the USA. Incorporating in the U.S. may be very useful to the business people from foreign countries but this has to be done professionally in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

Doing business in the U.S., especially, involving serious investments and/or international operations, requires permanent legal representation and/or assistance. We will help you in:
  • Preparation of the most important document between partners: partnership agreement;
  • All stages of negotiation commercial contracts;
  • Agreements on commercial loans and credits;
  • Creating and establishment of joint ventures;
  • Merger and liquidation of companies;
  • Reorganization of corporations;
  • Financing of commercial projects;
  • Real estate (purchases and sales of houses, apartments, commercial buildings and spaces, land) as well as rentals of all types of properties.
Certain types of businesses in the U.S. require special licensing (for selling foods, drinks, liquors, conducting show business, etc.). Such businesses are not allowed to function without proper licensing (i.e., store, restaurant, shop, etc.). Isabella Mayzel helps business people to smoothly and painlessly go through this process in an expedited manner.