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Expert Opinion

If you need an expert opinion, opinion letter and/or assistance with any document issued in the Soviet Block countries, Isabella Mayzel could help you with that. 

Frequently, we have clients, American businessmen and/or companies, who are willing to establish a joint venture or get into some serious contractual relationship with a partner in one of the Soviet Block countries.  They have some documents from the proposed partner; the documents are translated into English (most of the times incorrectly, intentionally or unintentionally) but the clients want to make sure that all presented documents are valid and were prepared in compliance with the foreign country law.  Based on Isabella's background, she is able to determine the validity of the documents.

We have estate cases, when estate is located in both, the U.S. and foreign country, or the heirs of an estate are located in two or more countries.  The validity of a will or right of a person to become an heir must be determined by an attorney with knowledge of laws, rules, regulations and their applications in both countries.  Vital Statistics (ZAGS) documents play an extremely important role in this type of cases.  A fraudulently issued document might become a ground of an improper decision.  In order to prevent injustice, you will need professional assistance of Isabella Mayzel.